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Mr B Originals Treasure Chest With Mini Album

Mr B Originals Treasure Chest with Mini Album

This kit gives you the elements to construct a lovely treasure chest to house a mini album. With flat packed pre cut MDF, simply glue the panels together before decorating your treasure chest. There are papers, twines, and embellishments to create your album.

We recommend constructing the treasure chest before painting to eliminate getting paint on the tabs as this may stop them from slotting together correctly.

Finished item 132mm wide 50mm deep 110mm high, album A7+

Product Contents:

2 x 2mm album covers,

2 faux hinges, 1 faux keyhole embellishment

1 x A4 sheet with chest panels,

20 A7 sheets of cartridge paper,

50cm each gold thread, brown and black twine

4 x A4 printed papers

4 x mdf corners

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