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Mr B Originals Treasure Chest & Lock Box


Mr B Originals Treasure Chest & Lock Box

Perfect partners, this lock box and treasure chest are great for decorating with paint to create an aged effect. The chest has a mini keyhole embellishment and metallic corner stickers, whilst the lock box has a strip of faux leather to decorate the outside. Why not add decorative papers or velvet to the insides too. Every piece of MDF is precision cut to slot together perfectly so we advise making the items before painting to illuminate getting mediums on the tabs and slots.

Finished Lock Box: 4cms high, 8cms wide.

Finished Treasure Chest: 10cms wide, 7.5cms deep, 10cms high.

Product Contents:

Lock Box: 2 x A4 MDF sheets containing 13 pieces in total,

Strip of faux leather 30 x 5cm

Treasure chest: 1 A4 MDF Sheet containing 8 pieces in total,

8 corner stickers

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